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LIVORNO. One of the biggest Heliciculture farms (snail breeding) at European level is emerging, thanks to the Marco Salvadori company. The farm will serve to launch a new line of cosmetics and is already in the odour of collaboration with large industries in the sector.

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Uno dei più grandi allevamenti di Elicicoltura (allevamento di lumache) a livello europeo sta nascendo grazia all’azienda Marco Salvadori. L’allevamento servirà a lanciare una nuova linea di cosmesi, già in odore di collaborazione con grandi realtà del settore.

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The Marco Salvadori company is in the process of creating, in Bulgaria, one of the largest snail farms (breeding of snails) at a European level, thanks to which it will produce a new line of cosmetics which are already in the odour of collaboration with large companies in the sector.The most unexpected ingredient obtained from nature is now the new trend in skincare. ‘In the past year we have concentrated heavily on snail slime as a research area – explains Marco Salvadori, CEO of the company – achieving important results and making it an active part of our entrepreneurial activity”. Snail slime can treat acne, stretch marks and skin blemishes because it contains mucopolisaccarichi and glycolic acid. It stimulates tissue renewal and regeneration. It also contains collagen, elastin, proteins vitamins and peptides, with a botolinum toxic-like effect.

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