Some projects in full development:

Since 2013, Marco Salvadori has developed one of the largest snail farms on an international level, in Bulgaria.Agricultural business of Lemon Balm and Lavender crops in Bulgaria and elsewhere.Business in sustainable construction and related investments.Assistance to Italian entrepreneurs who want to diversify or relocate.Always on the look out for new business opportunities worldwide, Marco Salvadori has for years been diversifying, undertaking and promoting investments aimed at improving the quality and well-being of our economic life, and consequently also that of our private life.He is the founder and CEO of Salvadori Spa, administrator of two of his own companies and is involved with a number of others.

“The worldis full of opportunities.Carpe Diem....”



About me.

The world is full of opportunities. Carpe Diem....
Yes, this has always been the philosophy I've adopted in my approach to life.
I was born in Tuscany to a Scottish mother and Livornese father (strange mix, right?) and after finishing my studies, I began my career in London. I made of wine, which is my passion, my profession by starting to work for Oddbins, one of the biggest importers in the UK. After two years I became a Manager (in England, if you work hard and are ambitious, this is possible ...) and I specialized further, becoming a Sommelier.
After years of metropolitan life, I decided to return to Italy and pursue a career in the world of wine in my beloved Tuscany, creating my own distribution agency, following marketing, commercial and sales network.
Coming back to work in Italy was difficult, to say the least. Imagine a young man who returns from London full of determination, opens his own company and is smothered, since the day before starting, in taxes. Not exactly encouraging as a system. The first years were therefore really tough, also because in the world of selling you have to sell yourself before the product and if basically you're a little shy, it becomes even more challenging.
But the more I went on, the more I worked hard to achieve the goals and success I had set myself.
I worked day and night, non-stop, especially during project development periods. Unlike many, working uninterruptedly to develop a project has never frightened me, indeed it has always given me the drive and desire to reach my goals in the most perfect way possible according to my standards, even though we know that perfection doesn't exist.

My fixed points have always been two:
efficiency and transparency.
These are the two key points that have always accompanied me in every business project in addition to the focus and intense work on it.

At the same time, I developed and sought out forms of investment and alternative start-ups around Europe before finally landing in what was to becme my second home; Bulgaria.
Together with a life-long friend (more a brother, you could say), we started looking at this country which is not too far from Italy, and discovered another world. A simpler and much easier world for an entrepreneur. So we then got to work on starting a new adventure.
I left the Italian scheme, by closing an activity that every year went to balance with the + sign followed by two digits. Some would say; 'you're mad'. I only believe that the spirit of self-preservation prevailed. That is, I think that I have been preserved from a lifetime of infinite taxes and worries, a life given to the system.
It was a difficult step to take, in total contrast to everything I've always been taught.
But to this day, I would do it all again, a thousand times.