A word about lemon balm

What is Melissa, or Lemon Balm? It is a medicinal plant native to the area of Turkey, with multiple properties known since antiquity. Today, more than ever, as in ancient times, lemon balm is widely used in herbal medicine, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Melissa is mostly known for its sedative properties, it induces a state of relaxation, relieves stress, anxiety and tension, but above all, it helps fight depression. It is a common remedy for insomnia. It helps the gastrointestinal system: it relieves heartburn, cramps, nausea, bloating, ulcers, spasms and improves digestion. It is very useful in cases of menstrual pain. Lemon balm is an excellent natural remedy against palpitations and dizziness.
The extract of fresh lemon balm leaves has antiviral activity, due to the presence of polyphenolic acids and polysaccharides, against Herpes simplex.

melissa coltivazione marco salvadori

Some of its active ingredients are: Tannins, Rosmarinic acid, Flavonoids, Quercetin, Caffeic acid, Chlorogenic acid, Triterpenes, Geraniol acetate, Citronellal, Polysaccharides, Mucilages, Glycosides, Triterpene acids.

In every day use, lemon balm is used in the kitchen for adding flavour to foods (photo). It is used in herbal medicine to prepare infusions with its dried flowers (photo) to relieve sleep disorders, anxiety, nervousness and headaches.
And, above all, through the distillation of the leaves and flowers, we obtain a powerful essence of Lemon Balm (photo). Taken daily, by mouth, by inhalation or on your skin, with only a few drops of this essential oil, you can help alleviate panic attacks, agitation and stress. In other words, alterations to the emotional sphere can be mitigated..

What it needs

Lemon Balm leaves are green, oval and saw-toothed, with a lemon-like scent. It has white, chalice-shaped flowers which become pinkish when mature (photo). It needs constant irrigation especially in peak summer heat. It does not like drought. On the other hand, it does not suffer the cold and does not require any particular kind of fertilisation. The fields are sown in March and in June the flowers blossom. The harvest is done in October.

Why the Lemon Balm business

Lemon Balm has a strong commercial value, especially for its essential oils, with a demand that far exceeds the current market offer. Our buyers, are in fact, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, who guarantee to us their purchase of the product.