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A word about Heliciculture, or Snail Farming

Well, it is certainly not a field where one can improvise. It is almost an art. But the supply is lower than the demand and the margins of profit are more than enticing. In addition, there are currently few specialised companies and the market is booming. Consider that in the year 2016, in Italy alone, 59% of the snails were imported! This situation prompted us to take up this kind of activity with determination and passion.

Why an agricultural project for snail farming?

At first, talking about breeding snails may bring a smile to your face, but believe me when I tell you that there's nothing funny about it. Here, we're not talking about snails gathered in the woods behind the house by the aunt once a year for a family dinner. We're talking about the breeding of the Helix Aspersa Muller, the queen of snails. A specific breed, a relative of the snail the aunt goes gathering, but with different characteristics.
We are talking about a serious and professional entrepreneurial activity with important profit margins.
Every year, the snail market increases by 2/3 %, without counting that in Italy alone, 59% of the snails are imported.
This sector in Italy today is worth 210 million Euros, equivalent to 40.000 tons of consumption.
So the market is definitely there and it is flourishing and expanding!

The Project

It all began, like many successful projects, almost as a joke. We aimed to develop a farm of a few hectares but then, given the enormous potential, it developed into a much more ambitious project.
Our headquarters are in Bulgaria for the breeding farms, although we do follow and collaborate with other farms in Europe.
We employ the support and advice of some of the most important Heliciculture professionals; technicians for the snail breeding and technicians specialised in the extraction of the slime.
Our sales channels are therefore two: one for food use and one for the renowned slime.
Our project is steadily becoming one of the largest plants at international level.

“our buyers purchase virtually even before the product has been collected.”

A word about the Snails

The breeding of these snails merges fully with agriculture, as the farm is almost in a wild state.
Our snails are bred in the open and are enclosed by large special fences.
We follow the method of complete biological cycle breeding that consists of introducing a certain number of snails in the fences who are then left to reproduce. The progeny or offspring are then moved to other fenced areas called fattening enclosures where they are left to grow until they are ready for the extraction of the slime or to be sold for food.
The slime extraction takes place in a special machine that gently 'tickles' the snails to make them drool without creating stress or trauma . This factor is very important for the well-being of the snail as well as for the good quality of the slime.
Snails need a lot of hydration, which we provide by means of a special irrigation system. The soil must have a good percentage of calcium and limestone.
Their diet is based on fresh vegetables and a special Organic feed which balances their diet.

The Slime

The other important aspect of the Aspers Muller is the quality of its “slime” which is considered the best for cosmetic and pharmaceutical purposes. Oh yes, snail slime is the new frontier of cosmetics and medicine! The properties of snail slime are pretty astonishing and we strongly believe in its potential so much that we have created an exclusive line of cosmetics which capitalises on quality and elegance.

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