What it’s about

It’s about participating and earning in one of the sectors with the highest market turnover: cosmetics.
The Cosmetic Business gives you the opportunity to join our commercial branch of the Snail Business, which is an integral part, and lets you enter a market with enormous potential.


Our production of Snails is concentrated almost totally in Bulgaria, where we are in the process of creating one of the largest farms in the world.

In Italy, we follow several breeders located in various areas, from a technical point of view, as well as for the extraction of Slime.

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Cosmetic Business Marco salvadori


Due to the present low and underdeveloped market offer and the progressive increase in requests received from potentially direct customers to our company for our brand products, especially in the past year, our Cosmetic Business has actualised a Line of cosmetic products based on Snail Slime, which are exclusive and top-range in the sector.


What we are creating is an exclusive line, aiming for the top of the Anti-Age market, in terms of image, price range and marketing, as well as in terms of the utmost quality of the product.

Our customers are predominantly women, who represent 75% of the cosmetic market, and in the near future, also men.


Our long experience and preparation in promoting and marketing online means that the distribution channel of our greatest interest is first and foremostly that of the
e-commerce, followed by Specialised Beauty Centres and then by Exportation, which today is worth 35% of the turnover of Italian cosmetic companies.

These are our main interlocutors.


The cosmetic market, in Italy alone, is worth approximately 10 billion euros. Sales via e-commerce, and therefore online, grow by 20% every year.
As can be seen from the following charts, anti-age products are attested first in sales volumes within the cosmetic market, in terms of absolute turnover.

*Data: Cometica Centre For Studies Italy – Confindustria

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The process of extracting the slime, thanks to a machine of our conception, is a painless procedure for our Snails.
They are rocked and gently tickled, by means of a special technique, for about an hour, at the end of which they are relocated in their field of origin.


Products based on snail slime give rise to enormous curiosity and demand in the anti age product market, due to their highly performing properties.
The unique peculiarity, which only snail slime possesses, is its natural affinity to human cells.
This is due to the fact that the common animal origin of both cells, human and snail, makes it more similar and therefore more effective, in comparison to the other active ingredients on the market described above.